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Prompted by Foundation Cases, NLRB Instructs Regions to Prosecute Unions for Failing to Provide Nonmember Workers with Full Beck Rights

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Foundation President Mark Mix highlights Foundation Role in Potential Strengthening of Enforcement of Workers’ Beck Rights

WASHINGTON, DC – In a move to protect workers’ rights not to fund union boss politics and other nonchargeable activities, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Division of Advice and General Counsel have been instructing regional directors to issue complaints against unions when union officials fail to inform employees of the amount of reduced union fees they can pay by objecting to union membership under the Communication Workers of America v. Beck U.S. Supreme Court decision.

California Homecare Providers File Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Union ‘Escape Period’ Scheme Used to Unlawfully Seize Dues

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Union officials violate providers’ First Amendment and statutory rights by refusing to halt deductions of union dues from Medicaid payments

SACRAMENTO, CA – California homecare providers who receive Medicaid payments for serving disabled individuals have filed a class-action lawsuit with free legal aid from attorneys provided by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation staff and Washington-based Freedom Foundation. They charge union officials with violating their legal rights by unlawfully restricting them from stopping payment of union dues and fees, as is their right under the U.S. Supreme Court’s Harris and Janus decisions and the Medicaid statute.

NLRB General Counsel Rules for Workers in Cases Challenging Coercive Union Practices

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Union officials to be held accountable for illegally forcing workers to sign misleading payroll deduction forms and intimidating workers seeking to oust union

WASHINGTON, DC – Today the National Right to Work Foundation announced victories in three cases filed by Foundation staff attorneys for workers whose rights were violated by union officials who enforced mandatory dues checkoff authorizations that violate the workers’ rights and harassed workers who sought to oust the union.