31 Aug 2007

Union Officials Target OLMS

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In Tuesday’s Indy Star, Ed Fuelner hits the nail on the head with an article on Congress’s efforts to slash the budget of the OLMS (the Department of Labor office that investigates union fraud corruption and the misspending of union dues):

Unions control some $22 billion, a staggering amount of money. All of it comes from their members. These workers deserve to know what union leaders spend their hard-earned money on — whether it’s the $65 million the National Education Association gave Jesse Jackson’s liberal pressure group in 2005 or the $130,000 salaries earned by 49 union leaders at AFL-CIO headquarters last year.
OLMS is clearly doing a job that needs to be done. Its hundreds of criminal convictions prove that.
For more on Big Labor’s attempt to starve the OLMS read Mark Mix’s recent op-ed in the Washington Times.


30 Aug 2007

Murdock: America Needs a National Right to Work Law

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Syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock writes that the best way to celebrate the American worker this Labor Day is to pass the National Right to Work Act.

Meanwhile, this study from the National Institute for Labor Relations Research cites that Right to Work states continue blazing past forced unionism states in job growth at a 5-to-1 clip.



29 Aug 2007

Pine Tree State Workers Quit Jobs Rather Than Pay Forced Dues

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A group of State employees from Maine have decided they’re not going to take it any more when it comes to paying forced union dues- many have decided to quit their jobs instead.

State employee Shirley Laruss, currently battling cancer, would rather her money go towards co-pays and medical bills.

Meanwhile, Mark Turek of UnfairShare.org says, "I’ve spoken with so many people that are so very, very frustrated. I’ve had people call me in tears."

Shame on the legislature in Maine for forcing their public servants to choose between paying dues to an unwanted union and losing their jobs.


29 Aug 2007

Welcome to Freedom@Work!

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Welcome to the new Freedom@Work blog, the most cutting-edge resource for the latest news and views from the Right to Work movement. We look forward to bringing you the latest from the front lines in the battle against compulsory unionism, and using this space to further employee free choice in America. For background on the National Right to Work organizations and the Right to Work issue, please click on the “About” link on the right. Be sure to check back regularly by bookmarking www.nrtw.org/blog or signing up for the RSS feed at http://www.nrtw.org/blog/blog/feed.