Employee of Conviction Stands Up to Teamsters Brass
Foundation attorneys strike a blow for religious freedom

January/February 2000 Issue

Leominster, Mass. -- Refusing to sacrifice his religious convictions to the unlawful demands of Teamsters union bosses, United Parcel Services (UPS) employee Gordon Moore is persevering in his struggle to protect his deeply held beliefs.

Gordon Moore's ordeal began when he was misled by the union brass. "I was under the impression that I had to join the union or I would lose my job," said Moore. However, as a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which teaches its members not to join or support immoral secular organizations like unions, Moore took it upon himself to learn the law and soon discovered that he had the right to withdraw all financial support from a union he believes to be immoral. Although a religious objector can be required to pay the dues equivalent to charity if mandated by a collective bargaining agreement, the UPS-Teamsters agreement did not.

But when Moore tried to exercise his rights, the union chiefs unlawfully ordered him to fork over his hard-earned wages to a union-designated "charity." Moore bravely refused.

Enraged, the Teamsters bosses demanded that UPS officials fire Moore from his job, leaving his family destitute. They "tried to intimidate me, made a scene, and yelled at me," said Moore.

His managers at UPS also abandoned him. "Management was very unsupportive and very scared," said Moore.

Right to Work attorneys step in

When there appeared to be nowhere else to turn, Gordon Moore heard about the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. He contacted the Foundation's legal team, which immediately swung into action.

"They were a Godsend," said Moore..

Foundation attorneys played hardball with the Teamsters brass and demanded that they respect Moore's religious convictions and the rule of law. The Foundation's arguments were so compelling that even the notoriously biased NLRB General Counsel had no choice but to prosecute the Teamsters union for committing unfair labor practices.

The Teamsters brass scrambled to enter into a settlement agreement in which Gordon Moore would not have to pay any money, to anyone, to keep his job. "Like school yard bullies, the Teamsters toughs retreated once someone showed the courage to fight back," said Rex Reed, Executive Vice President of the Foundation.

Religious believer's struggle continues

However, after the settlement agreement, Teamsters officials and their stooges at UPS slipped a new provision into the collective bargaining agreement mandating that religious objectors contribute their forced dues to one of the union's favorite "charities," including the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the militant National Organization of Women (NOW).

The Teamsters union's latest attempt to make a mockery of Gordon Moore's religious convictions is not going unchallenged however, as Foundation attorneys are continuing to vigorously defend his rights.

When asked what he learned from the whole experience, Moore remarked "you have to be vigilant so that your freedoms are not stripped away."


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