Message from Reed Larson
National Right to Work
Legal Defense Foundation

January/February 2000 Issue

Dear Foundation Supporter:

     The start of a new year is always a good time to make resolutions for the future. And this year is also being celebrated as the start of a new century and a new millennium.

     Resolution number one on my list is to do everything I can to rein in abusive union power while helping innocent workers suffering the abuses of compulsory unionism.

     Of course, Foundation attorneys are already providing free legal aid to thousands of workers in nearly 500 cases nationwide. But, with your help, I want to do more.

     It won't be easy.

     The Big Labor bosses are going all-out with an election-year drive to squeeze America's workers for every last forced-dues dollar they can.

     And Bill Clinton's handpicked National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is cheering them on with a flood of rulings aiming to obliterate workers' Foundation-won rights.

     As soon as the union-dominated NLRB hands down one of its outrageous decisions, Foundation attorneys haul them into federal court pronto. Since the Constitution is on our side, federal judges often express shock and anger at the Board's arrogance while overturning its rulings.

     So, as you make your resolutions for the coming year, I hope you'll join with me in putting the defense of workers against Big Labor's tyranny at the top of your list.

     If you and I work together, we'll really have reason to celebrate when the next new year rolls around.

Reed Larson

Foundation Action

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